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2016~2024 archive

Once Upon a Time 

2020, 5min 


A film poem in which human consciousness intertwines with the element of water. It visualises the eternal clash between the urge to look back and the awareness of space and time ahead. - written by Ji.hlava IDFF  

selected screenings:

- Ji.hlava International Doc Film Festival 2020,  Jihlava, CZ
- Alchemy Film & Arts Festival 2021,  Hawick, UK 
- Pragovka Gallery 2021, Prague, CZ
- Lago Film Fest 2021, Revine Lago, IT ︎︎︎Programme Note  
- NOWNESS Experiments 2023, Online Publishing / watch the full film 
- TAPE Collective 2023, with UCL Film Soc’s Fest London, UK ︎︎︎Programme Note

In Once Upon a Time, Ji-Yoon Park juxtaposes a video sequence of serene flowing waters with the filmmaker’s own struggle to revisit her past via running onscreen text. Park’s film deals with self-image, resisting a closed life narrative by negating a reductive assessment of one’s history. The ambiguities of reliving memory while longing to move towards a reconciliation foster multiple temporalities of healing. - written by Marius Hrdy(Alchemy Film & Arts Festival)

The words and sentences fragmentarily interfere; the sounds incessantly surge and disappear in a moment; the images keep moving. - director’s notes





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