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Out of Place

(2023, 5’)


‘Out of Place’ revolves around a fictional concept of escaping the earth. It was created as a research process and as a work-in-progress film for a feature non-fiction. Surviving both as Korean and Asian women, we try to escape with a novel voyage from this Earth to another planet. *full film is available upon request. 

︎watch the film excerpt here

screened as part of the Korean Cultural Centre’s Open Call exhibition ≪Ordinary World≫
- Korean Cultural Centre Germany 2023, Berlin, Germany 
- Korean Cultural Centre UK 2024, London, UK 
- Korean Cultural Centre France 2024, Paris, France 



(When the bizarre statistics on us and the nonvisualised epic gather on this new planet, the voices from the ones who breathe here with one another form echoes, which continue as a round. There, the voices that this society has taught about us, and the voices we speak out for ourselves, coexist like a twin. At the moment of those two voices intersecting and colliding with each other, an unexpected scenery could be found throughout this entire film.) - director’s notes

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