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[2016~2024 archive]

Out of Place

(2023, 5min)


‘Out of Place’ revolves around a fictional concept of escaping the earth. It was created as a research process and as a work-in-progress film for a feature non-fiction. Surviving both as Korean and Asian women, we try to escape with a novel voyage from this Earth to another planet. ︎trailer 트레일러

screened as part of the Korean Cultural Centre’s Open Call exhibition ≪Ordinary World≫
- Korean Cultural Centre Germany 2023, Berlin, Germany 
- Korean Cultural Centre UK 2024, London, UK 
- Korean Cultural Centre France 2024, Paris, France 

© JiYoon Park. unauthorised copying is prohibited for this film & images.




‘Out of Place’(2023) deals with the action of ‘seeing’ itself through optical instruments and asks what truly is to perceive the women’s lived experiences. - director’s notes 


 © 박지윤 JiYoon Park. all rights reserved