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   Ji-Yoon Park

Ji-Yoon Park is a documentary filmmaker who is especially interested in expanding the boundaries of documentaries by combining observation with other types of art. Her filmmaking style involves defamiliarisation and recontextualisation to subvert perspectives with which people are already familiar as well as to explore various aspects of each story. Ultimately, she aims to create work that precisely captures people’s complicated emotions. 

She has continued her research on temporality through several short films, including ‘The Way We Wait’ and ‘Once Upon a Time’. Impermanence, transience and uncertainty have been fundamental elements of her works. In her most recent film ‘Like You Know It All’, she focused on an attempt to show the unfathomable vastness of the human mind. By using juxtaposition as an essential structure, she intends to create unexpected layers of meaning in each film.  

박지윤은 다큐멘터리를 만드는 필름메이커. 특히 관찰이라는 방식과 다른 예술형식을 결합하여 다큐멘터리의 경계를 확장하는데 관심이 많다. 주로 낯설게 하기와 재맥락화를 통해 기존의 익숙한 관점들을 전환하고, 각 이야기의 다양한 측면을 보여주는 방식으로 영화를 만들어 왔다. 궁극적으로 다큐멘터리라는 매개체를 통해, 사람들의 복합적인 감정을 가장 정확하게 포착하는 작업들을 지속하려 한다.  

‘우리가 기다리는 동안에'와 ‘아주 오래전에'를 포함한 여러 단편영화 작업을 통해 시간성에 대한 탐구를 꾸준히 해왔다. 덧없음과 일시성, 불확실함이 감독 영화들을 구성하는 본질적인 요소로 자리매김해왔다. 가장 최근 영화 ‘잘 알지도 못하면서’에서는 인간 마음의 헤아릴 수 없는 광활함을 담아내려는 시도에 초점을 맞췄다. 병치를 영화의 주요 구조로 사용하며, 이를 통해 각 영화에서 예상치 못한 다층적인 의미를 만들어 내는 것을 매 작업의 목표로 하고 있다. 

︎ jiyoonie9212 [at] gmail [dot] com

2018-2019, MA - Film Directing, Edinburgh College of Art, UK
2012-2017, BA - Television and Film&Art History, Ewha Womans[sic] University, KR
2014, Exchange Programme in Art History, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
석사 - 다큐멘터리 영화연출 전공, 에딘버러대학교 예술대학 
학사 - 방송영상&미술사학 전공, 이화여자대학교

directing, producing and editing ‘The Way We Wait’ 
- DMZ Short Documentary Award Winner, DMZ Docs
- UK Short Film Award Nominee, Open City Documentary Festival
- Special Jury Award&Youssef Chahin Award Nominee, Cairo Int'l Film Festival 

- San Diego Asian Film Festival, US / official selection
- Ji.hlava IDFF, Czechia / competition for short films
- Jeju Hondie Film Festival, KR / short film competition
- Equinoxio Film Festival, Colombia / official selection
- EBS Int’l Documentary Festival, KR / official selection
- Otherfield Film Festival, UK / official selection  
- Lago Film Fest, Italy / official selection
- Pragovka Gallery, Czechia / special screening 
- Seoul Ind Women’s Film Festival, KR / short film competition 
- AFI Docs, US / short film competition 
- Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, UK / official selection               
- Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, UK / official selection 
- Cairo Int'l Film Festival, Egypt / special jury&youssef chahin award nominee
- IDFA, Netherlands / student documentary competition 
- Aesthetica Short Film Festival, UK / official selection - artists’ film 
- Ji.hlava IDFF, Czechia / competition for experimental films 
- DMZ Docs, KR / short documentary award winner
- Seoul Int'l Women’s Film Festival, KR / as part of the opening film 
- Open City Documentary Festival, UK / UK short film award nominee

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